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24 Hour Emergency Service!

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Preventative Maintenance Plans

Quality Services for Residential Needs in Cypress

Cool Breeze Services aims to help provide energy-efficient and comfortable homes in Cypress, Houston and nearby areas. Doing preventative maintenance can help a lot when it comes to avoiding costly and needless repairs in the future. With our HVAC maintenance programs, we have helped hundreds of customers keep the cooling and heating in their homes running smoothly.

We always strive to never leave our clients until they are 100% satisfied. With our high-quality service, products and customer service, we always put a smile on our customer’s face.

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A Company with Your Best Interests in Mind

Cool Breeze Services aims to provide exceptional services and products with prices that are easy on your pockets. It’s this reason why we have established the “Family Service Plan,” a program that can help you save at least 10% on repairs with no overtime charges. The program includes two professional cleanings; safety inspections and tune-ups per year. What you can expect from our maintenance cooling service:
  • Replacement or cleaning of the air filter
  • Cooling coil inspection with discounts on cleaning if it’s necessary
  • Inspection of the drains (primary and secondary)
  • Testing and cleaning of the condensate drain
  • Condenser coil and blower component check-up (discount on cleaning if necessary)
  • Lubrication of gears and other moving parts
  • Inspection on all electrical components
  • Monitoring of the air conditioning pressure
With the assistance of our professional team, we can help improve the safety, capacity, and efficiency of your HVAC units. Inflation protection and extended life equipment is something you can expect from us — also, no overtime charges except during holidays. With our energy saving plan, you get to be treated as a priority customer and a 10% discount on repairs (excluding diagnostic fees).

Excellent Services for a Variety of Needs

Cool Breeze Services is a company that’s dedicated to delivering the highest form of professionalism and quality service. Our Cypress HVAC technicians are not only knowledgeable and highly skilled, but also friendly and polite. We welcome all of your questions and offer our professional advice for the most efficient and effective maintenance.

With our maintenance service, you can expect:

  • Amperage and voltage draw monitoring on the motors
  • Monitoring of heating and air conditioning cycles
  • Burners and heat exchange inspection (adjusting and/or vacuuming if necessary)
  • Gas pressure adjustments if necessary
  • Flue draft monitoring for better safety
  • Safety control testing and inspection
  • Air flow adjustments for efficient temperature rise
  • Thermostat operations and heat anticipator settings inspections
  • Ensuring no cracks in the heat exchange

As a homeowner, the Family Service Plan is perfect for ensuring that the comfort level in your home stays high. With us, you can expect to be treated like family. Serving the Cypress for years allows us to handle all kinds of HVAC installation and repair issues that are common within the area.

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